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RentWerx Austin property managementYour assigned Portfolio Manager will be your single point of contact.

Austin Property Management Plans


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Picking the High Quality Tenant
Not the First To Apply

Our process is not first come/first serve like some other property management companies. We like to look at all the applications that come in and spend some time reviewing them and screening them so we can pick out the all star in the group and ensure we get the best available tenant.

The tenant screening process is where we find the best person or people to put in your property in our commitment to excellent communication.

8 Point Marketing Strategy

RentWerx Austin uses an 8 point marketing strategy to market your rental home. This includes advertising on the MLS, several websites, and social media.

Every home we market will have a Walkthrough Video taken along with High Quality Photos. We have spend a decade and thousands of dollars to ensure potential renters find us (and your home) FIRST.

Single Point of Contact

The Portfolio Manager business model was designed with you, the property owner, in mind.

Your assigned RentWerx Austin Portfolio Manager will be your single point of contact. When you have questions, you will be contacting the person that is the most knowledgeable regarding your particular property/properties.

The Portfolio Manager is paid a percentage of the homes they are responsible for, so having tenants that pay their rent on time is in their best interest as well as yours.

Using Video To Market Your Home

In addition to the 20-25 color, wide-angle photos for all of our listings, we also shoot a quality video of the home to show off its unique features and give the viewer a better feel for the layout of the home that you just can’t get from photos.

Using video allows us to reach more potential tenants so you have a bigger pool of quality renters interested in renting your property.

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